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10 kgs of fun

So after about 9 months of research, applying and jockeying, I've got everything finally lined up to get my MBA. I'll be doing a "global executive MBA" which means we keep our jobs, meet once in a while (once a quarter for us) in different international locations, and get an education and degree in less time than most two year programs. This one is called TRIUM and it's a JV between NYU Stern, London School of Economics (LSE)and HEC Paris. I like the different school perspectives and the very international students they attract.

The price is very high, and unlike most of my classmates, my company won't be paying for it. Angie, my wife, and I weighed our options and think it will pay off in the end. It's also a really unique experience that we're both really excited about. The whole funding issue dragged the process out though. There were a few weeks when I thought I'd be going to Hong Kong to do the Kellogg-HKUST once-a-month program. I wasn't able to get Northwestern to sponsor a US student loan for me  until it was past a decision point on TRIUM (though persistence finally got them to bend so that others will be able to take advantage). It would have had its own pluses and minuses but it just wasn't to be.

After putting down the deposit last week, the big news yesterday was that my first books arrived. These are the "pre-program" readings that include some fundamentals in finance, economics and business strategy. There are a few cds thrown in too, so I guess I'll accelerate my timetable to get a new windows machine. Some will be familiar territory, some will be new and interesting, but they all added up to more than 10 kilos of good, clean reading fun. They sent it to the office so I had to haul it back home on my 1hr commute. I'm going to be pretty busy for the next 20 months.

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