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On my way into work this morning, I passed by a mini poodle on a park bench. It was white with hot pink dyed onto the tips of its ears. For some reason, even though I've seen it a hundred times, hearing the owner speaking Shanghainese with the dog caught my attention. I was reminded of how really great it is that there are so many languages in the world. It really is a simple sign of how wonderfully diverse the world is. Learning a language can be a great view into the culture and modes of thinking of a place.

Well, anyways, upon seeing this poodle, the idea popped into my head that it would be really fun to have a video podcast of people from around the world telling their dogs to "sit" in their native languages. Maybe future revs could include "shake" and "rollover." Not sure what this would serve other than pure entertainment. Maybe these international dogs can show the way to peace. Er, yeah, world peace.

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