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i'm with the band

Yesterday I listened to Chinese language lessons, but this morning I just listened to music on my way in to work.

I'd forgotten how much music means to me. In college and just after, I spent four years where being a drummer in a band was the most important thing in the world to me. As much as I'd always loved music, being a part of making (and marketing) it for a few years really changed my relationship to music. Like a lot of people, I used to mostly hear melody and lyrics, but being in the band opened me up to all the little bits that were always right there in front of me: the incidental guitar licks, the fuzzy organs, the reverb on the backing vocals, etc...

With my new birthday present, I blocked out the maddening Shanghai morning and was drenched in the familiar songs and sounds from growing up in Motown. And I thought about how the iPod and Tivo are said to be changing people's relationships to the consumption of content. But thinking of being in the band, and how it's changed the way I listen, I think the really exciting changes will be when these products and the technologies still emerging around them fundamentally change the way that content is produced, when, as it were, everyone has a chance to play.

update: I believe this will be our future, no matter what the SCOTUS says [reg req], and no matter if the innovation in the remix culture happens in the US or elsewhere.

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