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ipod r.i.p.

No sooner do I fall in love with my new iPod-immersed commute than the thing completely craps out. While fast forwarding through a podcast, my four day old iPod gets stuck fast forwarding. I somehow manage to power down, but now can't get it to power back up. Seems like a hardware issue. This after spending the past three days getting my first few GB of songs all cleaned up and copied onto it.

So this is the downside of going down to HK to buy electronics. Now I've got to either send the thing back to the store or have a friend bring it down and swap it for me. Well, maybe I should use this opportunity to reconsider the 60GB. Maybe me and the 60GB were meant to be together.

June 29, 2005 at 10:52 AM in Technology | Permalink


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