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seen not heard seen

A colleague asked me for some help on getting more out of Bloglines yesterday and in the course of the conversation, I showed the team this blog. It's the first time I've shown someone other than Angie. The ensuing conversation about privacy, public-private personae, motivations, etc... was extremely interesting. It was three Americans and one Italian so we had some different cultural perspectives. I was surprised to be called brave.

I guess having been a blog reader for a long time and in general really enjoying playing with new technologies, I didn't have the same fears that many others have and will have. I still think that most everyone will have an online persistent presence, like a blog or podcast archives or something of the sort, something that they will for the most part create, edit and control. But maybe not if privacy concerns, and insecurity about what they might have to contribute, and how good of a communicator they are keep more people as content consumers and not providers.

One gauge might be how many of my friends and family move from reading this blog to writing their own. Maybe we'll soon see, as I help Angie polish up her blog and send an email to our friends about hers and mine.

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i'll be brave with you... ha :)

still getting over jet lag now. seeing friends, eating fun things like gray's papaya, pita chips with spinach dip and BBQ ribs and wings. watching 'lost in translation' and catching up with whats going on at work via this blog. it'll be interesting to see what changes have unfolded during my absence.

thanks for sharing your world to all of us.

Posted by: jfk2pvg | Jun 20, 2005 7:31:33 PM

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