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something to say

Talking with a friend over the best pizza in Shanghai last night about his plans to give a workshop with a friend on the fundraising process here in Shanghai, I asked about whether they'd considered starting a blog on the same subject. He asked how you would go about monetizing the knowledge they'd be publishing and how their content would be overly localized and perhaps not relevant to a general blogging audience. He also pointed to all the great blog resources that are already out there for entrepreneurs and aspiring venture capitalists and said that the deal experience behind those blogs made them more valuable to the community.

I guess we disagree. I think blogs (and wikis, but that's another post) are well-suited to niches of information and could help create a community around the knowledge and the business that they're thinking about. It could put them at the focal point of this community and help brand their efforts, bringing them more, not less off-line business. The monetization might be less straightforward to analyze than if they restricted access to their knowledge via course fees, but I think there would lie untapped potential that could leave an opening for others to take their place with a central role in their knowledge community.

Personally, I think blogging their ideas would also be great way to capture the knowledge and experience that the two of them are accruing, as they go through this funding process with multiple clients too. Just like so many entrepreneurs who have recently created really interesting and insightful blogs. Besides my friends would get all the powerful benefits of playing with and getting to truly understand new communication technology which may well be essential for all companies (and people) in the future.

I have no intention of supplanting Fred Wilson or Brad Feld or countless others as far as vc experience and knowledge are concerned, but I think there is a place for more voices than just the most authoritative. And maybe that's my real point, that blogs aren't just places to disseminate information, they are expressions of our voices. That's why this post from Charlie really resonated with me and helped me get over some of my early blogging inhibitions, and why I hope that all my friends and colleagues, all the people I want to know better, start blogging soon.

Last night, earlier in the conversation, we were joking about the time not too long ago when you had to ask someone if they had an email address.

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