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apartment for rent

Shanghaiist pointed me to a Shanghai Daily story about apartments at Shanghai Centre:

This week we look at a serviced apartment offered by the Shanghai Center on Nanjing Road W. The three-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment is spacious (227 square meters) and full of light and also has plenty of storage space.

The Shanghai Center has a range of apartments available, from studio sized 47 square meters to a four-bedroom, 384-square-meter penthouse. Rentals for the apartments range between US$2,300 and US$15,000 per month (based on yearly rental fees).

A rough rule of thumb we use for cost of living/purchasing parity adjustments is to multiply a dollar spent here times five. That makes the $15k per month apartment's annual rent equivalent to about $900k spent in the US.

Are there really expats worth putting up in $900k/yr apartments? Are there still companies out there that see Shanghai as that much of a hardship assignment? And more importantly, are they accepting resumes? [ in all seriousness though, how good can it be to work for a company with such profligate spending? they must have skewed priorities/be clueless about a number of other things too, no?]

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There are numerous quality apartments for rent in Shanghai. I've been there last January. :)

Posted by: Raya Gardens Condominiums | Sep 8, 2011 3:44:00 PM

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