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links for 2005-08-30

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more reform to come?

Here's some coverage of Zhou Xiaochuan's comments on more currency reforms:

SHANGHAI, Mon: Reforms to China's currency regime do not represent a one-time adjustment, central bank governor Zhou Xiaochuan said in remarks published today, reiterating a commitment to a more market-driven system...

"It is not a one-time adjustment," he told the newspaper...

Zhou said that observers should not assume progress would be slow and stressed that the exchange rate has started to float.

As Chinese companies and the public adapt to the new system, market forces would gradually play a more influential role, he said...

In addition, increasing domestic demand-led growth and “to some extent” slowing investment were priorities that outweighed exchange rate reform.

“This is the adjustment China must do. I think exchange rate policy does work to some extent to achieve a more balanced economic structure, but domestic demand policy is more important than the exchange rate,” Zhou said. — AFP

One caveat though, seems the policymakers often make statements like this to steer the markets without actually haven't to make the policy changes. Policy changes themselves often happen when people least expect them.

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90 nanometer chatter

Between this piece from Reuters, a research note from CSFB this morning, and lots of recent questions from buyside people, it seems there's a meme on 90nm developing.

Seems everyone is using the move down to 90 as a justification for their ratings of the foundries and semis in general. They point to UMC and TSMC 90nm sales as a % of overall sales and see it as either half empty or half full.

Sneaking under the radar, though Reuters mentions it in passing, is how easy it will be to move from 90 to 65nm. In a meeting the other day, heard a lot about how 65nm will come right on the heels of 90nm and that's the node to watch.

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links for 2005-08-29

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beatings of shanghai

Angie and I saw the ad that Shanghaiist posts about a couple of weeks back while driving by in a cab. Had to do a double take and then couldn't help but laugh out loud. While I thought they meant something more like the "Rhythm of Shanghai," their translation is not without some measure of truth - while Shanghai has so much to love, you can't escape without a few bruises or scars.

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ATI Stanford and young Chinese entrepreneurs

Sorry for the dirth of posts about the event. Swamped with getting ready for London, among many, many other things.

I appreciate the trackbacks and comments from attendees, especially the students, and just want to encourage anyone who finds this space through that way, or others, to get in touch with any questions or comments you might have about the event or what I do in general.

I offered to take a look at a couple of business plans that day, one with a slim chance that we'd participate. I'm open to helping and encouraging young entrepreneurs with their presentations, plans, financial models, just to foster more of this activity. Even if it's just a native English proofread. I'm happy to help, and if I'm too busy, I'll be honest and tell you so.

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usb camera for osx

Played around last night to get iChat AV to recognize the Logitech Quickcam for Notebooks Pro that we got. I can get other apps to recognize the camera, but not iChat. Seems Apple is trying to make things inconvenient for their consumers and push them towards firewire cameras (iSight, for instance). Well, Angie uses iChat, so unless some third party drivers do the trick (Googled some), we may buy the iSight. Grrrrr....

Encounter this problem and have a recommended fix?


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NEA on China

With things so busy getting ready for London on Saturday, I haven't had enough time to blog. I just posted a little note about l10n and returnees. Meant to write sooner about this podcast too, but for now, just a pointer.

Scott Sandell from NEA, one of our early investors, talks to John Furrier about many things including China. I especially liked the conversation about the facets of risk. I tend to agree that investments here have tended to be in execution risk opportunities. SMIC is case in point - foundr

Has anyone yet come up with a tool to support the easy remix of podcasts? I mean, clipping, tagging and sharing mp3 files so you can blog to just the relevant content within a broadcast/file? Shouldn't that China link take you to the part of the interview I'm referring to?Sounds like a good Web 2.0 idea. Let me know if you want to build it. Actually, been kicking around a lot of "little" ideas like this one lately. Maybe I should think about going back to the operations side?

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