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A few random thoughts...

Got slammed with a bad bug yesterday. Made it out for a really fun dinner with an old, dear friend from San Francisco and his friends and MBA classmates, but felt much worse this morning.

So it was a day in bed with Angie taking care of me and making me chicken soup. Just got back from the doctor's and it seems I have tonsilitis. I'm on antibiotics and hope to be all better by Thursday when we fly. Angie's been a saint, putting up with my general helplessness and sickly attitude.

Talking with Jamie and his friends, it occurred to me that there's a lot about day to day life here in China that is not apparent to those who aren't here. Jamie's always got a lot of great ideas, and a lot of energy and curiousity, so we spent a lot of time talking about methods of payment and e-commerce here. Thinking back over that this morning, I think I'll try to start posting more about day to day life: things like the jiaotong card, potable water, long distance calling, the subway, etc... Should be interesting as a kind of time capsule of social history that I'll look back at in a few years, but could also help those who are thinking about moving out here or bringing business ideas out here.

But for now, a little soup, maybe a little work on my essays for school and then a good night's rest.

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