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weather similarity scores

Just an idle thought, but don't you think it'd be useful for weather forecasts to have a similarity score? Basically just a one number reference that gave you an idea of how close today's forecast was to yesterday's weather (or tomorrow to today, etc...). I'm horrible at relating a certain temperature (especially Celsius) to a particular type/amount of clothes I need to wear. But if I had a number that had today's weather as a frame of reference (without haven't to look up the previous high/low, etc...), that would be tremendously handy. It should probably factor in winds and humidity, but precipitation could still just be percentage chance of rain/snow. Know of anything like this?

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busy week

Ahh, Saturday evening. Got a few minutes before it's off to our second Thanksgiving celebration. With most people working on Thursday, it's not uncommon to have invitations for parties on the weekend after Thanksgiving (unheard of back home). We were lucky enough to get to go over to Raul and Massi's on Thursday, and then tonight over to Lauren, Damian and Sylvie's. Looking forward to another feast and lots of laughs.

I'll spare you the long list of the things that I'm thankful for, but I'm sure you know that I've been thinking about them a lot. Curtis wrote a nice post over at the Foundation's site that covers some of the nice memories that Thanksgiving will always have for me.

The Mo-Fo event was a nice little recap of listing requirements and some of the considerations between listing in London, Hong Kong or New York. A little was said about Shanghai and Shenzhen, but I've got about 6 inches of readings from the day, so could be more therein. Otherwise, drop me a line if you're thinking about this issue and want more details. I'd be happy to answer questions or share what I picked up.

Couldn't stay for too much of the I and I talk on Thursday, what with lots of antipasti and wine waiting for me before a turkey feast. What I did see was pretty much par for the course. I'm still always amazed by how little most people (and even entrepreneurs), especially here in China, don't really understand the VC business. Hopefully some people picked up some good connections or some good pointers. The line of the night is that while there's lots of cash looking for start-ups, teams here are flooded with proposals and can afford to be extremely picky. Guess that's mostly true, and self-evident. And guess it's good news for the experienced entrepreneur teams who will likely get caught up competitive up-drafts.

Friday was spent churning out a quick business plan for our CEO. Well, given the work on Thursday in pulling together the text, Friday was just me and the familiar comfort of building out a financial model in Excel. I have to confess I do have a place in my heart for spreadsheet financial models. Not having built one in a little while, I definitely missed it. So much so, that I spent my Saturday morning tinkering around with one for me and Ang at home. Not a model per se, but a nice little workbook that charts some upcoming milestones we're working on. Confessions of a serial nerd.

And just a few hours ago it was lunch with our cousin Kristen. She's my great uncle Wahgy's daughter who is studying at 北大 for a semester. It's part of a UC program on international studies. Sounds pretty neat. She was a sweetheart, and Angie and I really enjoyed taking her to Element Fresh to satisfy her cravings for pancakes. We ended up dropping her off at Dragonfly for a lavender oil massage. Not bad eh?

Best get ready. Forgot to mention three local high school students I interviewed for Yale last week. All great kids. Gotta squeeze in some time to write up their reports. After I spend a little more time thinking about their candidacies, I'll post a little bit about some of the differences I've noticed between the kids I've interviewed in the US and here.

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As of 6:35pm local time here in Shanghai, Mom and Dad, and the foundation's site, are the top search results at Google for: Shui Kuen, Allen Chin (no longer an obit, but this celebration of his life), and SKAC Foundation. Just number four for SKAC, but not bad.

Not as much love from Yahoo!, but I submitted the URL for spidering tonight, so maybe it'll improve.

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Just got an email. Our fifth TRIUM module will be in Sao Paulo, not in Bangalore as was debated. Frankly, a bit disappointed, but looking on the bright side. It'll be my first time...

Brazil, where hearts were entertaining june
We stood beneath an amber moon
And softly murmured "someday soon"
We kissed and clung together

Then, tomorrow was another day
The morning found me miles away
With still a million things to say
Now, when twilight dims the sky above
Recalling thrills of our love
There's one thing I'm certain of
Return I will to old Brazil

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I and I tries to spoil Thanksgiving plans

And here's another event listing. Can't find it on their website, but here are the details I have:

I and I Asia presents: Thanksgiving Special Discussion Panel - this Thursday!!
Venture Capital: What 2006 holds for China-based Entrepreneurs.

Distinguished Panel Members:
David Zhang: WI Harper
David Su: TDF Capital
Todd Bissett: O'Melveny & Mayers LLP
Michael Mao: IDG Technology Venture Investment
Moderated by:
Toastmaster Warwick John Fahy - Redbank Consulting

Thursday evening, November 24th, from 18:30 hours.
Haworth Shanghai Creativity Centre
5/F, One Corporate Avenue
No. 222 Hu Bin Road
Phone: 6384-7799
Near to Xin Tian Di in the 'PwC Building Complex'.
Entrance: RMB 40 (with RSVP) 80 (without RSVP). Includes drinks and snacks.

RSVP: sh@iandiasia.comor call Stephanie on (021) 5466-0189

When two Silicon Valley VCs partner with China-based investment firms it's a trend, when a third does, it's a movement. At this point, we can call it a stampede.

Joining the stream of US venture firms seeking partners in the Middle Kingdom (take a look at Mayfield, NEA, Granite Global, Sutter Hill and Accel Partners) Sierra Ventures has formed an alliance with Gobi Partners in here in Shanghai. Sierra - along with IBM, NTT-DoCoMo and  McGraw-Hill - invested in Gobi Partner's first fund, which has had a second close at $50 million. In addition to these four main investors, Gobi also received funding from traditional limited

But what should our Entrepreneurs expect from such attention?

Most expect these funds to support their portfolio companies with substantial business in China and invest into larger, more developed opportunities.

Despite the risks, the economics (ROI - Return on Investment) for developing new technologies and operating services/support entities in China continue to attract investors like these major VCs.

Will they gain enough confidence to invest into our own start-ups too?

How will they invest? How much? When? And importantly - Under what conditions?

Led by a panel of industry experts from leading and specialist VCs, our panel will discuss the current landscape for investments into home-grown companies and then open up the floor for an interactive session of questions and answers.

UPDATE: Just got a call from Stephanie and may try to squeeze this one in before turkey time.

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