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light posting

Sorry the posts have been few and far between lately. Here are the few reasons, which I hope to not list as excuses, but as springboards to future posts:

1. Work: busy with a couple of new projects at work; reasonably interesting stuff. A new project related to our recently announced solar energy project and a new project related to our CMOS image sensor joint venture from last year. Both early stage deals.

2. More work: I've been working with a few great guys on a side venture that we're officially launching soon. We've been consulting with Chinese based start-ups and helping them with raising funds from venture capitalists. Similar functionally to what I do during my days, but a nice balance since most of my SMIC stuff is hardware-related and with multinational or international companies. With this stuff, I'm getting more exposure to Chinese start-ups and entrepreneurs. Plus the guys are a lot of fun. We're calling the group Shanghai Venture Partners. More info to come certainly.

3. Sick: ack, ack. I've been nursing a bad infection. The doctor at Huashan Hospital said that it was viral, but it felt like previous bouts of tonsilitis for which they gave me antibiotics. I roughed it for about four days before taking some home prescribed amoxycillin. Getting better now, but not quite done.

4. Bschool: lots of studying, lots of homework. Phew.

5. Baby: and of course, the big, big news. As hinted at previously, Angie and I are pregnant. So loads of reading, doctor's visits, talking to friends and family, and lots of planning. We know our world will change completely, but we really don't have a clue to just how true that statement will be. But also lots and lots of fun and excitement! Thinking of baby names, researching sick cameras to splurge on, etc...

Ta-ta for now. Christmas day and my pregnant wife beckon!

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