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small blessings

Finally a moment of peace during this crazy trip to the US. We saw a high risk ultrasound specialist this morning. Part of the Camino Medical Group that my brother belongs to and a Stanford affiliate. We were following up on some borderline test results that had us anxious in NYC. Well, the results were a big, big relief. Everything looks good. A couple of "soft markers" that need even more follow up, but the baby's development looks healthy so far, and the markers seem to be really soft signals. Angie and I were comfortable enough not to opt for an amnio.

Then it was off to Lullaby Lane to drop a wad and get swamped with parenting choices. LL is the baby superstore that everyone in the Bay Area goes to, and with good reason - friendly staff, lots of selection and fair pricing. Our second trip in the past three days. Though it's a little bit of a haul from Mountain View up to San Bruno, something tells me that I might find myself back there again in the next seven days, before we leave.

Last night, went to a CSPA event at Fenwick & West. The talk was on the state of VC. A presentation of the latest Money Tree results and a few words from each VC on the panel. A little bit of interesting content, but good for getting my mind into an alpha state where I could come up with some interesting ideas. Well, we'll see if others think they're interesting, but for now, at least good for some idle brainstorming that might prove valuable to either of my two jobs or my bschool work. Gotta let them bake a little bit, but they're around resource and capital efficiency in transpacific start-ups.

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The last twenty-four hours have featured cat naps across the Bay Area. Every car ride, from airport to home, from home to maternity shopping, from maternity shopping to lunch, and so on and so on; not five minutes in a car and I'm out. Maybe it's jet lag, maybe it's catching up on two weeks (months?) of sleep and decompressing from intense two weeks in NYC for TRIUM. Well, the rest ends tomorrow, as it's back to the books and back to work.

New York was a great time. Lots of friends, new and old, and lots of learning. The city was beautiful, and though we moved away over four years ago, it still felt a bit like home.

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online payment

Pacific Epoch hosting an event next week:

Event Tuesday: "Getting Paid"
China's ePayment Market in 2006

Get ready for the Year of the Dog at "Getting Paid," with an interactive panel of leading ePayment providers, mobile payment networks, eCommerce firms and industry investors. We will discuss key factors driving electronic payments today and in the future.

Time: Tuesday, January 24th from 6:30-8:30 PM to find out.
Venue: Haworth Shanghai Creativity Centre, One Corporate Avenue, Near Xin Tian Di in the PwC Building Complex.
Entrance: RMB 50 (with RSVP) or 100 (without RSVP). Includes drinks, snacks and plenty of time to meet other loyal readers.
RSVP: Space is limited! Please RSVP sales@pacificepoch.cn to reserve your seat.

Drop me a line and let me know how it was.

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business school humor

Nice joke from our Corporate Finance class today...

What's the difference between a bond and a bond trader?

A bond matures...

Nice. I was on a Brady desk in a past life. That one would've gone over well. I'll file it alongside my drummer joke:

What do groupies and drummers have in common?

They both like to hang out with musicians...

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