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Angie and I are exhausted. We're here at our dear friends Joyce & Mo's place in Brooklyn. We've had the royal treatment: last night, a potluck with old friends, tonight, after a day of TRIUM group work, they treated us to a cozy Italian dinner here at home. Though we're tired from jetlag and tons of studying (and for Ang a day of maternity shopping, chatting and ice cream with Joyce), we feel nuthin but love.

I rode the subway from Brooklyn up to the W today for a healthy reminder of what means to be a New Yorker. The Q from Park Slope to the 6 up to Midtown. A picture of the ethnic and economic diversity in New York. Even the political diversity, as I overheard a woman talking about how "no one ever thinks about the downsides from all this... diversity..."

Got my iPod working and put on a New York band. Thought about the Ramones, but ended up playing the Strokes new record.

Ended the night showing Mo all the fun stuff we're finding on BT. Old anime we'd heard about but never could get to see. That, a cup of tea, and Joyce's homemade brownies make it hard not to hear the same siren's song that Ang hears for Brooklyn.

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