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helium report

Earlier this week, Ang and I had the great pleasure of sharing our friend Katherine's birthday with her husband Jamie. More than that, they treated us to dinner, and let us share in the wonderful, fresh-off-the-presses news that their baby, due about a week after ours, is going to be a girl. How nice are they?!

We went out to Jack Falstaff in our old neighborhood of South Beach, San Francisco. On our way over, Angie and I walked down Townsend and up 2nd and couldn't believe the development that's gone on in the short two years since we moved to Shanghai. Now, it's not been Shanghai paced, but it seemed to be faster than the changes in New York's East Village (nee Lower East Side), another of our old neighborhoods that is gentrifying at a quick speed.

Nice dinner. Lots of catching up. Lots of pregnancy note sharing. Lots of fun.

Jamie's up to some interesting things over at Helium Report. I can see a media empire expanding to include other forms of delivery (RSS, podcasts, vidcasts, etc...) to their great targeted audience. Building communities of trust is also the basis of a little idea that I'm working on spinning into my TRIUM term project, of which I'm sure there'll be more posts to come. Both ideas also remind me of Willie Sutton's famous quote about why he robbed banks, to which he replied, "Because that's where they keep the money."

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