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pizza and friends

Just back from a lovely dinner at our new friends' Eugenia and Bennet's. Homemade pizzas, cream puffs, a bottle of wine and hours of playing with their two adorable sons. Loads of advice for us parents-to-be from a couple of pros. They were very reassuring and supportive -- sending us home with loads of books and a feeling that we're going to be okay.

There's another side of expat Shanghai that we're just getting to know, the married with children side. Still so much for us to learn...

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China & Tor

Have Tor entry points been blocked?

Haven't been able to get Tor to work for a few days.

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hi dad

On Monday night, Angie pressed my hand to her tummy as she often does. She's been feeling the baby's movements for a couple of weeks, but it's been something she can only tell me about. On Monday, she said that he was really moving and she thought I could feel him.

Well, I put my hand gently on her lower right side and she pressed down. She knows how much pressure she can use, while I'm always overly gentle. After about a minute no luck. Disappointed, I said that it'd just have to wait, knowing that his movements will only get bigger and that it's just a matter of time. I took my hand away.

Ang felt him again, "Here, sweetie, try again," as she pressed my hand to same spot again.


It was just a little bump against my hand. But it happened twice and then a third time. Very distinct. Very clear. I could feel my son pressing against my hand. I was absolutely beside myself.

Ang says he knew I was there and wanted to say hi.

"Hi, son."

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links for 2006-03-07

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at last!

Around 4:30 this morning, I finished my last bit of homework from the NY module of my b-school program. These past two weeks have been my busiest is a long, long time. And that's saying something.

Thanks to all my friends, family and readers who have been so patient with me. After a nice quiet day relaxing with Ang today, I should be back in commission tomorrow and catching up with everyone. Sure I look a bit like a raccoon with the bags under my eyes. By it's a happy raccoon I am.

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links for 2006-03-01

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two down two to go

By Sunday morning Shanghai time, I'll have submitted the last bits of my homework for our NY MBA module. That plus all of the Shanghai VP excitement and all baby the things at home have kept me away. More posts to come in a few days.

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