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7.5 hr marathon

Phew, we had a Shanghai VP meeting from 2pm until 9:30pm yesterday. We talked circles around the strategic positioning for two clients. Round and round. Then punched holes through them. Then patched the holes, and closed loops. I think we're all on the same page now; heck, maybe we even were at the outset, but I didn't realize it.

Sometimes in sessions like these, I catch myself being a little difficult. I hope it was just healthy skepticism. And I hope we're asking each other questions that help us focus the company. I mean, it's great to get us all "on message" and singing the right story on behalf of the client, but more importantly, I truly feel we're helping them hone strategy too. I believe, at least in my own mind, I have a better sense of where these companies are going (and need to go too). And for that, 7.5 hours was time well spent.

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