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beginnings and endings

It happened back on March 31, but things have been pretty crazy since. That day, two good friends quit from the company. They were a big part of the team here and what made the day to day bearable. I'd spent the better part of the last two weeks in class for TRIUM so it hadn't quite hit me until today...

Down at lunch, not everyone was local. None of the old expat friends there. Strange how much has changed at the company in two years. Progress maybe? Successful localization? Or maybe an attrition problem? I'm too much in it to be able to say for sure.

This weekend we also finished our six week lamaze class. It was a lot of fun, and very informative. Ang and I missed one class while we sunned in Sanya, Hainan, and I missed one class while I was b-schooling, but otherwise we were there watching all of the couple make their way through the last parts of the second trimester. It was great to see all of the women get bigger and bigger over the time. Need any tips on breathing patterns or relaxation techniques, drop a line.

Shanghai VP has been going full bore. We've been completely swamped with interesting projects and interesting prospects. Interesting to put my recent experiences in the context of the classes we had in TRIUM on China. There seems to be a business environment for the MNCs and the expatriates that the small scale (for now) entrepreneurs and returnees aren't living in. If I can get my head around a few themes, I'll post.

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