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links for 2006-08-28

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hard work

It's not easy getting money from smart investors. It takes a lot of time and effort. Sometimes entrepreneurs feel like raising capital is a distraction from building their business, but what they don't realize is that raising capital is a key part of building their business...

How efficiently/quickly do you raise the capital?
How much do you raise?
Is it a fair valuation?
Who do you get the capital from?
Do they add strategic value?

I don't know much about auto sports, but to me it's maybe like the way that the pit stops can win or lose you a race. When do you refuel? How good is your pit crew? What tires are they putting on? Are all the bolts tight? How quickly did you get in and out of the pit area?

So maybe as an entrepreneur you can "win" your race on sheer muscle, but having the right strategy for raising capital and doing it well can really give you an edge.

Partially I'm venting as a recent client has really not invested the time, energy and mindshare on raising capital that they need to. They're building a very interesting business and they're getting a lot of investor interest, but they risk it all by not really engaging in the capital raising process. That's where our coaching can hopefully make a difference.

We shall see...

UPDATE: Think it was in this podcast that Jen-Hsun Huang, CEO of NVIDIA says a start-up CEO should always be raising money. If you're not, then you're not growing fast enough or running hot enough. Amen.

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wonder why posts have been few and far between?

Just look here.

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youtube blazing path for mofile

A lot of chatter online about YouTube launching their ad platform this week (here, here, others),  some with concern that these participatory video ads won't help YouTube monetize the video views that happen when the player is embedded in 3rd party sites.

I think it's a valid concern. Partially one reason why Chinese video sites are trending towards pre-roll ads. Another reason being investor pressure to monetize traffic (over concerns about degrading user experience or slowing growth).Title_shangpin_1

Personally, I think there's room for more creativity. Can't say too much, as we're working with Mofile on these issues. But one avenue is going to be "vCommerce," video streaming that facilitates/expedites online transactions.

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diaper run

Such is China (under the one-child policy):

Almost out of diapers. Last one on Spence's little bottom. A quick trip out to the nearest convenience store. No diapers to be found. But lots and lots of disposable underwear for adults. Argh.

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the little guy

This past week, Spencer shared his first social smiles and blew through the 12-lb mark. He's growing and changing so fast. So is everything else for Ang and me. Funny how this little person's taken over.

He loves music and I try to sing to him whenever I can. I'm so glad I grew up on a steady diet of Motown and oldies radio. Lots of great melodies to sing to Spence. Seems he tires of a song after one or two singings so I've got to keep coming up with new ones. Funny, but I think he really like La Bamba. Maybe he could tell it was in another language (not English or Mandarin)?

He's crying. More later...

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long tail

Chris Anderson was generously sending out copies of his new book, The Long Tail, to people who have blogs. I've been sneaking a few pages in on my way to meetings. So far, pretty interesting and certainly one of those unifying ideas that have the strength of simplicity and clarity, though sometimes he seems to look for tails that I might not see.

Otherwise, it's got me thinking about China. A lot of the Chinese economy has not yet entered the "hit era" as Anderson describes it. A lot of products and services are only now becoming standardized with market leaders establishing strong, (inter)national brands. So what will technologies/companies/ideas serving the Long Tail do when they run into these Chinese trends in the opposite direction?

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curb your entourage

When Angie's pumping she watches shows we've downloaded from BT. The other night it occurred to me that Curb Your Enthusiasm is Entourage about old Jewish guys. Hollywood. Big houses. Lots of free time. Lots of money. Golf. Pot. Restaurants. Women. Larry = Vince, Jeff = Turtle, Richard = Drama, E = Cheryl. Guess that makes Ari = Suzy?

Thank heaven for BT and downloading current US programming; it's our little cultural connection back to the States.

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I'm going to do my best to get back in the saddle here. Every free moment from work and school has been spent with Ang and the baby. Well, more like every free moment from Ang and the baby has been spent on work and school. After a few weeks it can seem like, "where do I start to blog again." Well, here I am. I'll try to bang out a few short posts to get things started again.

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