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links for 2006-10-20

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I'm about 23 hours from hopping on a plane due for Sao Paulo, Brazil. It's the next module (and penultimate) for my MBA. I thought I'd be on a plane now, but my travel agent had made a bit of a mix up. The itinerary she set up for me had me laying over in the US for about a full day each way. Ordinarily that'd be fine, maybe I'd set up a meeting or two. Or at least do some US shopping. Breathe some fresh air. But with two people like this waiting for me, I'd prefer to make the trip as short as possible.

So this morning, I double check my tickets. Which of course I should've done sooner. Nevertheless I catch the mix up and call the agent. She's out of town for the holiday. Her co-workers can't find my itinerary, even though I have an invoice number. They can't even find me by name or by flight. Yoiks. And they keep asking if they can call me back. Even though I was only about six hours away from my first flight.

So I hop online. Find a number for the airlines. Call a local number (which seemed to patch me to a HK operator). And get exemplary service. Everything's all worked out, lickety split. I can catch this same flight tomorrow and still make the same connector to Brazil. Dang.

About an hour later, the agent calls. Aha! They've found my itinerary. But I'm set to leave tomorrow! They'd found the updated itinerary that I'd just changed over the phone. Great, just great. Thanks a lot.

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SKAC Foundation update

Couple new posts over at the Foundation set up to honor my mom and my dad's memory.  Tomorrow is the anniversary of the accident and we'll be officially announcing the scholarship then.

Look for another post with the announcement, but you can get a head start on the application here.

Please pass this along to eligible students, and if you're looking for a charity to give to, please consider SKAC.


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