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Curling up with TED

So about two weeks ago I blew out Ang's computer by filling it with movies, TV shows and about 2000 pictures of our little six month old. Damn, the usability of BTs!

She's covered by AppleCare, but we want to bring it back to the States later this month for service from the source. So our routine of winding down at the end of the day with the latest Daily Show or Colbert Report had to be replaced.

Lately it's been watching the great TED Talks video podcasts that are available here or at the iTunes Store. 20 minutes a talk - just the right size - and a bit of a proxy for our listening to Fresh Air on NPR too. Some hits and some misses, but generally intellectually stimulating and entertaining. Great production value too - nice editing and great camera angles. Maybe it'd be nice to have a side by side with the presenters' slides always up, but all in all I can't complain.

And to top all, Tony Robbins' talk about needs became one of the central, unifying themes to a class I taught on Managing People in China at the IEDE business school.

Highly recommended!

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