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UPDATE: Suppose it depends whether you view this as "strong" or not. China, thinking beyond only short-term, economic self-interest. Yippee!

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PE on Yahoo/Qihoo

Here's what Pacific Epoch had to say about the ruling in which a Beijing court ruled that Qihoo had competed unfairly with Yahoo. While not an earth-shaker on a strictly financial basis, since compensation and legal fees owed to Yahoo in the ruling only amount to 70 some odd thousand RMB (less than $9k USD), I'd be loathe to agree that this is strictly personal and has no impact on either company's businesses.

The drama between Qihoo and Yahoo China has little impact on either of the company's operation or the market in general; it is essentially a personal feud between Zhou, the former president of Yahoo China, and Yahoo China.

I'd consider this at least a distraction for management on both sides, especially the upstart Qihoo, and I'm sure isn't completely ignored by the top talent, engineering and otherwise, that would consider working for either. I mean, get in the middle of a "personal feud" or just go work for Baidu?

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farm subsidies for everyone

This from the Shanghai Daily today:

Agriculture gets big financial boost by -- CHINA will channel more than 100 billion yuan (US$12.8 billion) from sales of land use rights next year into supporting agriculture, Vice Minister of Land and Resources Li Yuan said yesterday.

Of course China has to manage it's urbanization and development without leaving behind the 900 million rural & agricultural population, but something tells me this won't efficiently reach the people who need it. Instead we may be heading down the path laid out by the developed nations whereby subsidies continue to go to farms even though agriculture has industrialized into huge business.

And despite the relative sizes of their economies, China may be gaining on the US. Last year, the US gave over $21 billion out in similar subsidies (including a Katrina caused a spike) after doling out $12.5 billion in 2004 and projected to give $16.5 billion in 2006. Just to put this in context though, EC agricultural subsidies were nearly 50 billion in 2005.

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lost internet connection

So I'm trying to upload some photos to Flickr using the Flock Photo Uploader. The pictures are about 3MB each as they're from our Canon 30D. I successfully upload three pictures before I get an error message that says, "You appear to have lost your internet connection..."

The same thing happened to me last night and now I can't seem to stay connected to even upload even one more picture.

But the thing is, I haven't lost my connection. I'm checking email, surfing, posting this. I'm just losing my connection to Flickr's servers. I even tried using an ethernet cable to connect to my router instead of the wifi - just in case.

Anyone have similar problems, especially here in China?

It occurred to the conspiracy theorist in me that Flickr and China Telecom are incented to make my connection hiccup - well Flickr not so much as it's ruining my user experience and the viral-ness of my subscription - but CTC would prefer I not clog their pipes with what they might think is file sharing. It's not paranoia if they really are out to get you.

BTW, I'm not using Flock as my primary browser anymore. I think there were memory leak issues such that opening a lot of tabs (as I usually do) would end up slowing my computer to a maple-syrupy crawl. I'd tried the Flickr Uploadr first, but had the same connection to server issue. Makes me a little sad, as I liked the integration with Flickr and Typepad.

UPDATE: Still hiccupping. Argh. Wish they had the Mofile M-Up applet that would let me resume an upload - that's the kind of utility that comes from knowing the local market (and the infrastructure unreliability).

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West Side!

Originally uploaded by wuchin.
We're going, going, back, back, to Cali, Cali.

Spence's flashing his gang sign in his hotel bathrobe getting ready to check out the honies by the pool. Respeck.

Couldn't get him to do any East Side signs, but we'll also be going to NYC for my last TRIUM module [cue Pomp & Circumstance]. And then off to JAX to visit Ang's mom, or Granmommers as she's come to be affectionately known.

Drop a line if you want to get together to talk about China, fatherhood, Web 2.0, whatever.

Here's the quick view on our trip:

12/28-1/5 Bay Area
1/5-1/20 NYC
1/20-1/28 Jacksonville
1/28-2/1 Bay Area

And then home to China.

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NYU alumni dinner

Just got back from a nice little dinner with some fellow NYU-ers. Thai food at Coconut Paradise. Not bad, if a little on the spicy side. Some funny chatter about real estate (per usual) and plans for the single people in our group to go out for karaoke afterwards (per usual).

Having done so many events, etc... for my other alma mater, it's nice to break out a little bit.

How is it that no matter where I go, I meet someone else who works in venture? Out of a table of nine people that made two of us.

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The conference today was exhausting. We get to the convention center, just get registered, barely cross the threshold of the room when we get absolutely swamped, swamped, swamped. Entrepreneurs come out of the woodwork, up through the carpets and from behind the curtains. They're brandishing their business cards and printed plans. In about 30 minutes, I go through the 100 or so business cards that I brought with me. So then I'm writing my contact info on other people's cards. Mostly they're the extra cards of the people who want my info, but I got a kick out of writing on the other cards people presented me, "Sequoia Capital, er, okay..."

Tomorrow and the next few days will be trying to filter through these opportunities as quickly as possible. Hope to find at least one gem in there.

UPDATE: Hmm, interesting stuff. Everything from inventors with ideas to private equity sized natural resource and heavy industry stuff. No super stars yet, but still taking a closer look. Lots of  Internet, some cleantech, some mobile, lots of other stuff.

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