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The conference today was exhausting. We get to the convention center, just get registered, barely cross the threshold of the room when we get absolutely swamped, swamped, swamped. Entrepreneurs come out of the woodwork, up through the carpets and from behind the curtains. They're brandishing their business cards and printed plans. In about 30 minutes, I go through the 100 or so business cards that I brought with me. So then I'm writing my contact info on other people's cards. Mostly they're the extra cards of the people who want my info, but I got a kick out of writing on the other cards people presented me, "Sequoia Capital, er, okay..."

Tomorrow and the next few days will be trying to filter through these opportunities as quickly as possible. Hope to find at least one gem in there.

UPDATE: Hmm, interesting stuff. Everything from inventors with ideas to private equity sized natural resource and heavy industry stuff. No super stars yet, but still taking a closer look. Lots of  Internet, some cleantech, some mobile, lots of other stuff.

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