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another widget

Over on the sidebar, I've added another new widget today: shared files from Box.net. I took the extreme liberty to subject you all to an old MP3 from my past life which you can, ahem, find out more about here.

Hey, we have a stub on Wikipedia too!

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decompressing in jacksonville

Spending this week in Jacksonville with Angie and Spencer at Angie's mom's. I slept through the weekend, and have been trying to catch up on work all the information that flies past me during a TRIUM module. Refreshing and yet somewhat sad, I won't have to deal with that again.

Yesterday we went to the new Super Wal-Mart here in Macclenny, a city of about 5k. It's amazing to go right into the heart of mainstream, small town America. Of course there were lots of people who might fit the stereotypes you'd expect, but it was the products and the whole shopping experience that struck me. Living in Shanghai, it's mind-boggling to see how far China has to go to give even some of its poorest people a fraction of what is taken for granted here. This really is the land of plenty.

I particularly enjoyed going through the consumer electronics aisle. No smartphones. Lots of thin flip phones. Flat-screen, HD tvs. Lots of PS3s. No Wiis.

Of course, I came away with a few new, crazy business ideas too...

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last friday

Made our term project presentations today. End of a long, long road (except for a bit of post-module work).

It's been a lot of fun meeting with my classmates around the world. After today, our last formal occasion to get together will be graduation in London.

So much has changed since I first stepped foot in the LSE in September 2005. We lost Dad. Spencer was born. I've changed jobs. We've moved. Staggering now when I think of it all. So much emotion.

It would've been impossible without the support of, most of all, Angie, my family, my colleagues, my friends. I've learned a lot - academically, but even more so, about myself.

And now, I'm on the cusp of a really exciting year - leveraging my new skills, my new friendships and what will seem like an amazing amount of free time. As they say, watch this space...

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