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last friday

Made our term project presentations today. End of a long, long road (except for a bit of post-module work).

It's been a lot of fun meeting with my classmates around the world. After today, our last formal occasion to get together will be graduation in London.

So much has changed since I first stepped foot in the LSE in September 2005. We lost Dad. Spencer was born. I've changed jobs. We've moved. Staggering now when I think of it all. So much emotion.

It would've been impossible without the support of, most of all, Angie, my family, my colleagues, my friends. I've learned a lot - academically, but even more so, about myself.

And now, I'm on the cusp of a really exciting year - leveraging my new skills, my new friendships and what will seem like an amazing amount of free time. As they say, watch this space...

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I was not even able to imagine, when asked you about the changes in personal life happened to you during TRIUM, how serious was your "Yes" reply.
Was impressed by YOUR presnting of the presentation of your group term project. Thank you for the link aftewards. Thanks to TRIUM that you are among my friends

Posted by: nicolai | Jan 25, 2007 7:38:22 AM

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