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a long time coming, a long way from home

I've been away from blogging for a long while, but intend to get back at it, starting now.

Sitting in my hotel room in Stockholm catching up on some emails in the middle of SIME07. Last night marked the first time in five days that I'd slept in the same city twice in a row. It was Beijing for Foo Camp, back home to Shanghai, over to London to catch up with some friends (and save a bit on airfare) and then to Stockholm. It's been hard to be away from Angie & Spence, Shanghai and the product development, but I think it's been a worthwhile journey to meet new friends and potential partners and to have a whole new frame of mind on my ideas and convictions.

Maybe it's this dislocation geographically and temporally (where am I? what time is it?) that is giving me the will to write a bit. Maybe it's the relative stability of two nights in one place. Maybe it's the great people I've met over the past week as we've been rolling out our new company.

The response has been great. Sometimes skeptical, usually enthusiastic, sometimes wondering if it would make sense in their local market, sometimes wondering how we will pull it off for the China market. Giving our elevator pitch over and over again in two languages has been helpful for me to understand our real value drivers and how to communicates our ideas most effectively. It's still a work in progress, but I feel it's come a long way.

So what have I been up to since I wrote last?

Well, I've been baking some ideas, consulting with companies, volunteering, and basically gearing up for this new challenge - Qifang.cn. I'll reveal more of what I'm up to in the coming days/weeks/months, but basically we are building a new company from a compelling dream about educational opportunities for everyone. To execute on this opportunity we'll be creating a service that is attuned to China's history, culture, society and politics, but international and innovative in its technology and business model.

About three months in now, and the ride is only just beginning...

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