wonder why posts have been few and far between?

Just look here.

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diaper run

Such is China (under the one-child policy):

Almost out of diapers. Last one on Spence's little bottom. A quick trip out to the nearest convenience store. No diapers to be found. But lots and lots of disposable underwear for adults. Argh.

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the little guy

This past week, Spencer shared his first social smiles and blew through the 12-lb mark. He's growing and changing so fast. So is everything else for Ang and me. Funny how this little person's taken over.

He loves music and I try to sing to him whenever I can. I'm so glad I grew up on a steady diet of Motown and oldies radio. Lots of great melodies to sing to Spence. Seems he tires of a song after one or two singings so I've got to keep coming up with new ones. Funny, but I think he really like La Bamba. Maybe he could tell it was in another language (not English or Mandarin)?

He's crying. More later...

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Spencer in the movies

p.s. easier to see from China

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smile for granmas

  smile for granmas 
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Spencer shows off his dimples for my mom and Angie's mom.

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new family

  new family 
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Here's a quickee of the three of us at the hospital room where we spent Spence's first five days.

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Introducing... Spencer Allen Wu Chin

Sorry to leave anyone reading here hanging. It's been a whirlwind for the last eight days. The short version of the birth story is two days of pre-labor, two days of intense labor and then a late night emergency c-section (check out his weight and the size of his head!). But yesterday Mommy, Daddy and baby left the hospital.  Happy, if not well-rested.

I owe a more detailed version and lots and lots of pics. But I've also gotta pack and hop on a plane for Paris tonight. Keep hearing Mos Def's "Leaving on a Jet Plane" in my head.

I'll post a link to a few pics on Flickr and some Mofile videos soon.

Til then, here are the little guy's stats:

Spencer Allen Wu Chin
Born: Monday, June 19, 3:08am
Weight: 3800g (8lb 7oz)
Length: 50cm (19.7in)

Update: Here's the photoset.

Update: And here's another pic...

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another false alarm!?!?

So we spent about 9hrs at the hospital waiting to see if Ang's contractions would kick into another gear, but so far no luck. The doctor sent us home and said that it'd probably be a while. So for now, Angie's got sometimes (but not always) painful contractions every five to eight minutes or so. They're more painful than this morning, but not everyone is "productive" enough to dilate her cervix.

A couple of times they had Angie on a fetal monitor that would gauge her contractions from a resting reading of anywhere from about 5 to about 20, we'd see the numbers spike during her contractions. First up to about 30. No pain. Then 40. Starting to hurt. Getting up to 60 or 70 would be moderately painful, but then a couple of times she'd get up to 80, 90, even 100. The nurse said that it'd take contractions of 70-80 to really dilate and that Ang should expect to really be sweating and feeling it when the contractions got in that range frequent enough to go back to the hospital.

In other words, we're still on hold, back at home trying our best to get some rest.

Turns out he really could be born on Cliff's birthday, tomorrow.

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about six or seven minutes apart

Here we go...

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contractions, contractions

So the contractions keep on coming. Getting stronger and more frequent, but Angie feels like she can still get some rest tonight at home. We're not quite there yet.

But I think we'll be at the hospital in the morning.

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