long tail

Chris Anderson was generously sending out copies of his new book, The Long Tail, to people who have blogs. I've been sneaking a few pages in on my way to meetings. So far, pretty interesting and certainly one of those unifying ideas that have the strength of simplicity and clarity, though sometimes he seems to look for tails that I might not see.

Otherwise, it's got me thinking about China. A lot of the Chinese economy has not yet entered the "hit era" as Anderson describes it. A lot of products and services are only now becoming standardized with market leaders establishing strong, (inter)national brands. So what will technologies/companies/ideas serving the Long Tail do when they run into these Chinese trends in the opposite direction?

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curb your entourage

When Angie's pumping she watches shows we've downloaded from BT. The other night it occurred to me that Curb Your Enthusiasm is Entourage about old Jewish guys. Hollywood. Big houses. Lots of free time. Lots of money. Golf. Pot. Restaurants. Women. Larry = Vince, Jeff = Turtle, Richard = Drama, E = Cheryl. Guess that makes Ari = Suzy?

Thank heaven for BT and downloading current US programming; it's our little cultural connection back to the States.

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anecdotal wisdom

James Wolcott points to Kung Fu Monkey by way of Roger Ailes. A hilarious profile of Hollywood, highly entertaining, but my favorite was a quote:

Or, as my friend Orac says "The plural of anecdote is not data."

So pithy and true.

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I look back at the way I used to look at life
Soft, white dreams with sugar coated outside.
It was great, so great
Young and innocent days.

I wish my eyes could only see
Everything exactly as it used to be.
It's too late, so late
Young and innocent days.

-Young And Innocent Days, The Kinks

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