decompressing in jacksonville

Spending this week in Jacksonville with Angie and Spencer at Angie's mom's. I slept through the weekend, and have been trying to catch up on work all the information that flies past me during a TRIUM module. Refreshing and yet somewhat sad, I won't have to deal with that again.

Yesterday we went to the new Super Wal-Mart here in Macclenny, a city of about 5k. It's amazing to go right into the heart of mainstream, small town America. Of course there were lots of people who might fit the stereotypes you'd expect, but it was the products and the whole shopping experience that struck me. Living in Shanghai, it's mind-boggling to see how far China has to go to give even some of its poorest people a fraction of what is taken for granted here. This really is the land of plenty.

I particularly enjoyed going through the consumer electronics aisle. No smartphones. Lots of thin flip phones. Flat-screen, HD tvs. Lots of PS3s. No Wiis.

Of course, I came away with a few new, crazy business ideas too...

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lost internet connection

So I'm trying to upload some photos to Flickr using the Flock Photo Uploader. The pictures are about 3MB each as they're from our Canon 30D. I successfully upload three pictures before I get an error message that says, "You appear to have lost your internet connection..."

The same thing happened to me last night and now I can't seem to stay connected to even upload even one more picture.

But the thing is, I haven't lost my connection. I'm checking email, surfing, posting this. I'm just losing my connection to Flickr's servers. I even tried using an ethernet cable to connect to my router instead of the wifi - just in case.

Anyone have similar problems, especially here in China?

It occurred to the conspiracy theorist in me that Flickr and China Telecom are incented to make my connection hiccup - well Flickr not so much as it's ruining my user experience and the viral-ness of my subscription - but CTC would prefer I not clog their pipes with what they might think is file sharing. It's not paranoia if they really are out to get you.

BTW, I'm not using Flock as my primary browser anymore. I think there were memory leak issues such that opening a lot of tabs (as I usually do) would end up slowing my computer to a maple-syrupy crawl. I'd tried the Flickr Uploadr first, but had the same connection to server issue. Makes me a little sad, as I liked the integration with Flickr and Typepad.

UPDATE: Still hiccupping. Argh. Wish they had the Mofile M-Up applet that would let me resume an upload - that's the kind of utility that comes from knowing the local market (and the infrastructure unreliability).

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Anyone out there have a network attached storage device they'd recommend? Looking for a more robust back-up solution.

Couple years back bought a Western Digital external hard drive that completely died on us. Since then I've had a lot of, ahem, "trust issues" with these types of devices.


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RSS reader

For a long time I've felt guilty for not being "caught up" with all the blog feeds in my RSS reader, but then about a week ago I changed my perspective and it was liberating.

My feed reader is really like a mailbox. In it come some things I like to read daily like a newspaper. These are the blogs whose voices and topics really resonate with me. Other feeds are more like weekly magazines. Still pretty interested, but I'm willing to be a few days to a week behind the conversations there. Then there are my monthly reads where there are sometimes some nuggets, but usually not more than one a week. These are like my monthly magazines. Sometimes they pile up, sometimes I'll tear through one.

I think I'd been thinking of unread posts the way I think of unread emails. Well, no more.

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Downloaded Flock for Angie and we're both really enjoying the Flickr and TypePad integration.

There still is room to "delight" users in the browser space.

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usb camera for osx

Played around last night to get iChat AV to recognize the Logitech Quickcam for Notebooks Pro that we got. I can get other apps to recognize the camera, but not iChat. Seems Apple is trying to make things inconvenient for their consumers and push them towards firewire cameras (iSight, for instance). Well, Angie uses iChat, so unless some third party drivers do the trick (Googled some), we may buy the iSight. Grrrrr....

Encounter this problem and have a recommended fix?


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Google Talk

The announcement is scheduled for soon, go to John Battelle's Searchblog for some links and more.

I should get a good chance to kick the tires next week with Angie staying in Shanghai while I go to class in London.

UPDATE: Pfff. Maybe it was unrealistic, but I was hoping for more - video, calling out, a Mac version... Who wants another IM client?

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Bokee & Feedburner link up

Burning Questions, the official Feedburner blog has more on the announced partnership with the former BlogChina:

One of the most interesting aspects of the partnership is our joint effort to offer digital media downloads like ringtones and wallpaper via RSS feeds. Mobile has long struck us as fertile ground for commerce feeds, and we're looking forward to working with Bokee to explore this market in China..

And the comments note that an "overseas" datacenter is on the way.

This reminds me that I've been working on a couple of essay-ish posts about tipping points and the really, really long tail in China. Hopefully I can put them into some sort of coherent form soon. But (localized) distribution to global (mobile) customers through syndication fascinates me. Tracking and pushed recommendations take this to some very interesting places.

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ipod r.i.p.

No sooner do I fall in love with my new iPod-immersed commute than the thing completely craps out. While fast forwarding through a podcast, my four day old iPod gets stuck fast forwarding. I somehow manage to power down, but now can't get it to power back up. Seems like a hardware issue. This after spending the past three days getting my first few GB of songs all cleaned up and copied onto it.

So this is the downside of going down to HK to buy electronics. Now I've got to either send the thing back to the store or have a friend bring it down and swap it for me. Well, maybe I should use this opportunity to reconsider the 60GB. Maybe me and the 60GB were meant to be together.

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i'm with the band

Yesterday I listened to Chinese language lessons, but this morning I just listened to music on my way in to work.

I'd forgotten how much music means to me. In college and just after, I spent four years where being a drummer in a band was the most important thing in the world to me. As much as I'd always loved music, being a part of making (and marketing) it for a few years really changed my relationship to music. Like a lot of people, I used to mostly hear melody and lyrics, but being in the band opened me up to all the little bits that were always right there in front of me: the incidental guitar licks, the fuzzy organs, the reverb on the backing vocals, etc...

With my new birthday present, I blocked out the maddening Shanghai morning and was drenched in the familiar songs and sounds from growing up in Motown. And I thought about how the iPod and Tivo are said to be changing people's relationships to the consumption of content. But thinking of being in the band, and how it's changed the way I listen, I think the really exciting changes will be when these products and the technologies still emerging around them fundamentally change the way that content is produced, when, as it were, everyone has a chance to play.

update: I believe this will be our future, no matter what the SCOTUS says [reg req], and no matter if the innovation in the remix culture happens in the US or elsewhere.

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